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"There is a light in all of us that burns the brightest when we feel valued and loved in our relationships"

- Nailah, relationship therapist -


Who we are in our relationships is determined by the values we learnt in childhood, how we perceive our experience in and of the world around us, and the people we interact with personally and professionally. 
Our relationships can sometimes challenge these values, expectations and assumptions, producing within us a host of helpful and unhelpful feelings.
Additionally, society often teaches us to go along with gendered and cultural stereotypes, forgetting that each relationship is unique because our needs as people are unique. 
The conditioning of social norms can also produce feelings of judgement or criticism towards and from those in our lives that we care about, making it seem challenging to mend broken bridges of communication. Adding to this is the unattainable ideas of who the people in our life should be, which can be reductive to the relationship, stifling the possibility of intimacy growing and strengthening through accepting and experiencing each other devoid of what ideas we unconsciously determine are true.

"The greatest of relationships are those that give psychic life to the power of Empathy"

- Nailah, relationship therapist -


My journey and love of therapy 

I have been working as a BACP certified Relationship Counsellor for over ten years.  Before this, I advocated for older people in socially deprived areas of London. I have always been drawn to understanding people and their history. Being raised by my grandmother in the Caribbean at a very early age, I quickly understood the value of empathy and compassion for others, so it has always been natural for me to want to help. 

Therapy is about discovery, and I enjoy empowering my clients to dismantle ideas they have walked with for most of their life so that they can make room for greater fulfilment. Life is complex, and navigating the world and those we share it with can be complicated, especially when we don't understand who we are or don't feel at peace with the version of identity we put forward.

We are all lanterns with a flame burning at the centre; some of us glow brighter than others. My work focuses on helping those who are no longer happy with their light or would like to redesign their lantern to be more of a reflection of their desires.


I look forward to speaking with you, so please get in touch.