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Loving in fear, is not loving at all

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

To stop loving in fear, you first have to take the brave step of understanding where this experience was first created? What was your introduction to receiving and offering love? What does rejection mean to you? What are some of the negative thinking patterns you have about love?

Fear is real and can be a debilitating experience for many of us trying to navigate and foster relationships in the world.

Loving from this place limits how much you can offer and receive from another. Moreover, it reduces our capacity to reason because everything is processed with a heightened expectation of either rejection, abandonment, disappointment, pain or sometimes all of the above.

The limbic system in our body responds to intense emotions of fear and anger by activating the fight or flight response. In addition, when heightened by past trauma, our limbic system can process overreactive reactions to events and situations.

Therapy can help to explore our fears and work towards adopting better coping mechanisms to make better past hurt and begin the healing journey.

Additionally, therapy to look at our fears aids in empowering us to recreate our individual love stories so that we can foster healthier and more meaningful relationships with ourselves and with others.

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