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Life and the many roads it may take you - Part 2

Hello my beauts, and welcome back to part 2 of "Life and the many roads it may take you"

Imagine a world with endless compassion and empathy. Last month's blog was a love story between two protagonists

Uni 'The Universe' and Hughie 'Humanity'. Their chance encounter (or not) is an opportunity for us to conceptualise the idea of how we interact with the strangers we come across, how we interact with our family, friends and co-workers. More importantly, how we interact with ourselves

Uni is intense, loving and spiritual, but like many of us, her heart is filled with trauma, pain and dreams. Each day for her is another opportunity to live, learn and experience a new life

Sat at her desk, she visualises and focuses on the positive things she would like to invite into her life. Her boss, Vee 'Venus', comes over to see her - Vee considered Uni's feelings when he asked about the new starter shadowing her. He chose not to exercise his power over Uni because of his seniority and position. Instead, he approached her by asking and not demanding or instructing

Recognising the importance of Vee's careful approach is essential in this story because it highlights the significance of care in the workplace amongst colleagues, irrespective of power and hierarchies

Uni is flawed, much like we all are, but what she wants most is something that surpasses good looks and socio-economic wealth or power. Her relationship with Mars helped her to see her worth and taught her to cherish every moment. The day being Valentines Day, for her, was another day to offer herself care and time. Her chance encounter with Hughie reminded her yet again to remain open and receptive to only the good things in her life and mentally delete any thoughts or ideas that do not attract an abundance of goodness

Cancel Cancel Delete Delete - remove any negative thoughts and in it's place focus on something positive

Uni assumed that Hughie was like her ex Mars, but he was different, and like her, also believed in love starting with oneself. They saw each other's pain and growth in that small moment. Uni displayed maturity and accountability when she owned her assumption about Hughie, and he reciprocated this by offering forgiveness

We shall encounter many different energies/bodies in life, some known to us and some unknown to us. When we tell ourselves that we know someone's story before we have allowed them to show us themselves, we are inadvertently filtering thoughts and ideas based on our prejudices

Life is layered a thousand times over, and we may not always know where it's going take us or what we should expect when we get there. All we can do is begin and end with care, compassion and empathy. Despite our experiences, backgrounds and beliefs, we are human first, and we all deserve love, care and respect

We hope you have enjoyed our blog this month and continue to lead with care, think with care and act out of care

With Love Always

Mon & Nai

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